Covid-19 Useful information


Do I have to follow any special rules at your resort?
The anti-COVID strategy is based on three simple basic principles:
1) use of the mask;
2) personal hygiene;
3) Minimum distance of one meter.

Anti-COVID information is given to all guests at check-in.


Is the guest’s body temperature measured upon arrival?
No. The body temperature of the guests is not measured on arrival, even if the operator is authorized to do so, which prevents and prohibits access at temperatures> 37.5 ° C.

Is self check-in available?
Yes, it is possible to contact us by email

Are cash payments allowed?
Yes, it is possible to pay in cash, even if electronic payment is preferred.


Do I have to wear a mask?
In the breakfast room and on the bar, guests must wear a mask when they are not sitting at the table.

How far between the tables can you eat?
The tables must be arranged in such a way that the chairs ensure an interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter between the guests, with the exception of persons who are not subject to interpersonal distance according to the applicable regulations. This last aspect concerns personal responsibility.

Is a buffet consumption allowed for breakfast, for example?
Buffet consumption is not allowed.


Is it possible to swim safely in the pool?
Yes, the chlorine contained in the swimming pool water is constantly monitored and controlled (free active chlorine between 1.0 – 1.5 mg / l; combined chlorine ≤ 0.40 mg / l; pH 6.5 – 7.5). The overcrowding density in the swimming pool is calculated with an index of 7 m2 water surface per person.
Swim cap mandatory.

Is it possible to use the solarium and the green areas?
Yes, the overcrowding density in the solarium and on the green areas is calculated with an index of at least 7 m2 walking area per person. All devices (deck chairs, sun loungers) are arranged in accordance with the distances and in special ways. To avoid promiscuity between the beds, two beds and a parasol are assigned to each unit.


How are the residential units and rooms in the hotel disinfected?
We employ highly qualified personnel to clean and disinfect the residential unit / hotel room every time you change guests using certified cleaning agents or other physical agents such as steam. A natural air exchange and regular replacement of the air conditioning filters are also guaranteed.